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24 October 2009 @ 05:32 pm
I Wanna Scream I Love You  

Title: I Wanna Scream I Love You

Author: me

Beta: shattered_ink for giving me the prompt. I really hope you like this baby! :D

Disclaimer: Don’t know them don’t own them. This never happened.

Summary: Well the prompt says it all…Greta turns 21…Brendon takes Greta out for her first legal drink.

A/N- My third bandom story! Who knew I’d get this far! This time last year I was AGAINST bandom. Like totally…and now I’m obsessed…anyways…please read this. I know how annoying that is…really I do…but I’m just asking nicely. Cause reviewers get COOKIEZ!!

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“Why did I let you talk me into this?” Greta asked as she was dragged along a side street towards a shady looking bar.
“Because, Greta Salpeter, it is your twenty first birthday. This is a big deal! You can drink now!” Brendon paused, “Well, legally anyways.”
She made a face at him. Brendon just smiled.
He opened the door of a back alley bar. He had brought her here so no one would recognize him; just a night out with his girl on her birthday. Admittedly, this place wasn’t his first choice to take Greta - he wouldn’t bring his worst enemy here - but it was secluded, and, well, it was the same place he had enjoyed his first legal drink, legal being the keyword.
Brendon held the door open and Greta slowly took a step into the dark bar. They went to a booth in the corner and sat down. An older man came over to the table. “What can I get you two?” he asked.
Brendon looked at Greta.
She thought, “I’ve always wanted to try a daiquiri.”
The man nodded and looked to Brendon.
“Whatever beer you have is fine.”
The bartender nodded. A few minutes later, he returned. He handed Greta her drink and Brendon his beer.
Brendon smiled at Greta, tipped his beer to her in a salute and took a sip of his drink. Greta lifted the cold glass off of the napkin and took a sip.
“How is it?” Brendon asked.
She nodded. “It’s pretty good.”
“Now that you're twenty one and had your first legal drink…you feel any older?”
Greta shook her head. “Nope.”
He smiled again at her. “Good.”
After they finished their drinks, Brendon paid the bartender, took Greta’s hand, and they left the bar.
“Well, that was an experience.” Greta sniffed her sweater. “I don’t think that smell will be coming out anytime soon.”
Brendon just smiled, “That’s where I had my first legal drink. I just thought I’d bring you there.”
Greta made a face. “Some date.”
Brendon picked up the tone in her voice. “You like eclectic, weird places. You always point them out. I just thought you’d find it eclectic and weird.”
Greta stopped walking. “I may find things weird. Doesn’t mean I always want to go into them.”
“I’m sorry. I really did think you’d find some sort of amusement in it.”
Greta began to walk again, a coy smile creeping up her face. “I don’t feel much loved right now.”
Brendon picked up the tone of her voice. She wasn’t really all that mad at him. He ran to catch up and grabbed Greta’s hand just as they came out of the alley. “Oh yeah? what do I have to do to let you know I love you?”
Greta thought about it for a moment, “Let’s go to the strip and shout as loud as possible how much you love me. If you’re willing to do that in front of all of those people, then I’ll know.”
“Pft!” Brendon looked triumphant, “Greta, I perform in front of thousands of people at times. Shouting I love you on the Vegas strip isn’t going to be that hard for me to do.”
She just smiled and continued to walk. “All right then. Go ahead.”
Their fingers interlocked and they took off running down the street until they were on the strip. Brendon saw a street performer. “Can I borrow your mic, please?”
The man looked hesitant, but nodded. Brendon turned the sound up on the speakers that the mic was connected to. Greta watched in amusement as a few people stopped to see what he was doing. “Hello, everyone. I don’t know who all is hearing this, but my name is Brendon Urie. My girlfriend turned twenty one today, and she doesn’t feel much loved. So this is my way of showing her how much I love her.” Brendon smiled at Greta and then shouted into the mic, “I LOVE YOU GRETA SALPETER!!”
When he was done, people were looking alarmed, but some were smiling and Greta was just giggling with joy.
He then handed the mic back to the man just as Greta pulled him to her. She pressed her lips to his, still smiling, “That was one of the sweetest things you’ve ever done.”
Brendon smiled. “So do you feel loved now?”
Greta smiled. “Always.”
He kissed her again, then took her hand. “Come on. Let’s go home. I’ll make you a better drink. That way if we get drunk we won’t embarrass ourselves in public, just in the privacy of our own house.”
She nodded, and they began to walk down the strip towards home.
They arrived at the little bungalow they shared a few minutes later. It wasn’t far from the strip, but it was still far enough that the noise from the main part of the city didn’t reach their neighborhood.
Greta fell down onto the sofa in the living room, a bag of dried bananas in her hand. She popped a few in her mouth and watched as Brendon fixed her drink. He was cutting up fresh bananas and strawberries. He popped them into a blender and she watched as he mixed up ice and rum before pouring it into the bender and turning the machine on.
A few minutes passed and he presented her with the drink. She sat up and took a sip, “This is so good,” she murmured.
Brendon grinned, cracked open his own beer and sat down next to her.
They enjoyed their drinks in silence for a while. When Brendon went to fix Greta’s glass for another drink, she turned on the first CD that was in the player. A moment later the sounds of Pretty. Odd filled the room. Brendon made a noise of protest but Greta kept it on.
He fell down onto the sofa beside her, smiling, “So has your birthday been a good one?”
Greta took a sip of her drink, “Yes…it’s been lovely.” She kissed him gently and he simply returned the gesture.
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